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About Us


Hi there. I would like to introduce myself. My name is Summer (I guess you could consider me a mermaid of sorts). I am taking up permanent residence at Stuck in Seaweed. I have been floating around our beautiful waters for quite some time, hoping for a permanent residence. I heard the whispers of two very talented women who seemed to have the same passion as myself. Shannon and Laureen have been creating beautiful interiors together for many years. Although their creativity has intertwined traditional,contemporary and eclectic styles, their true love has always been calling them back to the water.

Shannon, after much persuasion, decided to retire and move to California to be near family. As captivating as California can be, her heart strings kept pulling her back to Michigan and the water. Laureen floundered around for the past few years trying to find ways to express her creativity in other ways. As fulfilling as her projects have been, she too, felt the pull back to the water. Together they searched high and low for the perfect place where they could once again capture their desire to create a haven where they could share with others, their love for our waters. So here we are TODAY. Planning a new endeavor at Mayea Marina and the Island Grill. 


For months to come, Shannon and Laureen will be thoroughly engaged, creating a captivating shopping and decorating experience for everyone. I on the other hand will be floating around keeping you posted on their progress. I am very excited and will be patiently waiting for Spring, when their doors will fly open and welcome everyone who also share their passion.

Our waters are mesmerizing and captivating. Our sunrise and sunsets are a sight to see.
Please join us in the Spring and you too will be STUCK IN SEAWEED.
Bon Voyage for now.

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